Catalogue Index / Order of Sale
Two Day Musical Instruments Sale on
Thursday 15th & Friday 16th June 2017
Lot Range
Category Description
Page Number
1 - 50
Thursday 15th June 2017 at 11.00am
Comments on condition and originality are for general guidance and our opinion only. Buyers must satisfy themselves with the originality and condition of all lots before making any kind of bid. See latest news at
IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING CITES RESTRICTIONS: Some guitars within this auction are sold with CITES article 10 certificates, allowing the commercial use of an item containing an endangered species. Lots subject to this are marked in the catalogue. Please note that as of 2nd January 2017, new laws came into effect to control the import and export of all items made of rosewood. Any guitar containing any amount of rosewood will now be subject to restrictions when exporting outside of the EU. It will be the buyer's responsibility to make sure that all the relevant paperwork is in place before shipping.
51 - 100
101 - 150
151 - 200
201 - 250
251 - 312
251-258: Guitars;
271-312: Guitar Amplification
All amplifiers sold by Gardiner Houlgate have passed a PAT safety inspection undertaken on the 15th May 2017, however, whilst known imperfections have been stated, all lots are sold as seen.
313 - 364
313-330: Guitar Amplification;
331-348: Antique and Classical Guitars;
351-364: Guitar Effects
365 - 507
365-372: Guitar Effects;
451-485: Guitar Miscellaneous;
501-507: Pro Audio & Studio Equipment
Audio and studio equipment sold by Gardiner Houlgate has passed a PAT safety inspection undertaken on the 15th May 2017, however, whilst known imperfections have been stated, all lots are sold as seen.
508 - 625
508-531: Pro Audtio & Stuidio Equipment
Friday 16th June 2017 at 11.00am
Please note that the presence of a label or brand does not necessarily mean that the instrument was made by this maker.
601-625: Miscellaneous Musical Instruments
626 - 813
626-663: Miscellaneous Musical Instruments;
801-813: Woodwind
814 - 863
864 - 1040
864-873: Woodwind ;
Section will start at approximately 12.30pm
1001-1040: Part 1 - Violins & Violas
1041 - 1090
Part 1 - Violins & Violas
1091 - 1219
1091-1110: Part 1 - Violins & Violas;
1111-1121: Books & Paintings;
Section will start at approximately 1.45pm
1201-1310 Bows & Bow Wood
1201-1213: Good Quality Pernambuco Bow Wood
Lots 1201-1212 are part of the excess Pernambuco wood of master bow maker John Stagg following rationalisation of his stocks. The wood was purchased from several well-known suppliers between 1985 and 1995.
All prospective purchasers should note that Pernambuco (Caesaplinia Echinata) is now listed in CITES Appx II/EC Annex B covering: logs, sawn wood, veneer sheets, including unfinished wood articles used for the publication of bows for stringed musical instruments. This means that there are no restrictions on using or selling the wood in this country as it was imported prior to 2007, but there are various restrictions regarding export and purchasers shoudl familiarise themselves with these regulations if they are intending to purchase the wood for subsequent shipment overseas.
1214-1219: Bows
1220 - 1269
1270 - 1409
1270-1297: Bows;
1298-1305: Interesting Small Private Collection of Early English and Other Bows;
1305-1310: Bows;
Section will start at approximately 3.30pm
1401-1409: Part II Violins & Violas
1410 - 1459
Part II Violins & Violas
1460 - 1509
Part II Violins & Violas
1510 - 1576
1510-1514: Part II Violins & Violas;
Section will start at approximately 4.15pm
1551-1576: Violoncellos & Double Basses

The next specialist musical instruments auction in Corsham will be held on Thursday 14th & Friday 15th September 2017
Entries are now invited - deadline 21st August 2017